Rihanna Slams A Fan For Begging For Purses [PHOTO]

I fucking love this!!!!! Go Rihanna!

Black America Web

When will fans learn that before they send shots in Rihanna‘s direction that they had better check her return policy? A fan got a very rude awakening when she tried to put Rihanna on blast for Instagramming a purse she received as a gift. Once the fan voiced her opinion, Rihanna immediately replied and shut the fan down in epic fashion.

Rihanna has been posting pictures of gifts she’s received from major fashion brands. She got a purse from Versace and a custom one from Fendi. One of Rih Rih’s fans was a little jealous of the extravagant gifts and said something about it. The fan told Rihanna that instead of spending so much money on material possessions, she should send money and expensive gifts to her fans just for the hell of it. The fan ended her message by telling Rihanna that she wanted to be one of…

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