X Marks the Spot: A wristband that detects seizures, plus this week’s TEDx Talks

EPIC WIN! 18 year old invents life-changing device ALL BY HIMSELF that no one else had even thought of!

TED Blog

18-year-old Rick Housley is developing a wristband for people with epilepsy that is capable of detecting seizures and alerting a list of contacts. In this talk from TEDxHoboken, he shares the innocuous moment that sparked his interest in this subject — on a stalled train in 2010.

Housley was annoyed when his train suddenly jerked to a stop. He was carrying heavy bags and was ready to get where he was going. But when he heard that the train had stopped so that a woman who’d had a seizure in another car could get medical attention, his anger fled and concern kicked in. He thought: What if this woman had been on her own?

An engineering student, Housley set out to create a device that would help some of the 65 million people worldwide who are affected by epilepsy — a third of whom have uncontrolled seizures. His wristband…

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