Pregnant Boys: Chicago Teen Parent Ads Spark Controversy [VIDEO]

I applaud this effort, just for emphasizing that men must be making a change, forcing them to consider what if THEIR lives were forever changed by an unwanted pregnancy.

Black America Web

Instead of taking a page from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and slut-shaming teen girls into abstinence, the Chicago Department of Public Health has reframed the conversation to focus on potential teen fathers who — in keeping with the gender double standard in this patriarchal society — tend to dodge the stigma of early parenthood.

At the Windy City’s bus stops and on billboards across the city, the ‘Unexpected’ campaign shows the bodies of teen boys — one Black and one Hispanic — photoshopped to appear pregnant, with the warning:

“Unexpected? Most ten pregnancies are. Use condoms. Or wait.”

“We wanted to create an ad campaign that would cut through the clutter and get people thinking about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how it can affect more than just teen girls,” said  Brian Richardson, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Health.

The daughters of teen mothers are…

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