[EXCLUSIVE] Kiera Wilmot: I Feel Scared to Do Science Now

Laws scaring girls away from science.

I’ve said it from the beginning – the State is the embodiment and the vehicle for Patriarchy.

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In her first national interview since learning that she would not be charged for a science project gone wrong, 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot talks with commentator Roland Martin and the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew about her future, the fears she has developed since the incident and what’s next for her future.

She was joined by her mom Marie Wilmot and their attorney Larry Hardaway. [Read the full interview below]


ROLAND MARTIN: Tom, we talked about the story last week of the Florida teen, 16-year-old Kiera  Wilmot with a science experiment that went array.  Well, this week prosecutors in Florida declined to not press felony charges against her.  The charges were dropped.  She has not talked to anybody else.  We have her exclusively this morning, with her mother Marie, as well as their attorney, Larry Hardaway.  Kiera ?



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