The Way the Cookie Crumbles: The Girl Scouts Teach Money and Business Skills

This piece makes me smile🙂

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Mellody Hobson talks about how the Girl Scouts can teach a thing or two about money and business.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but it’s Girl Scout cookie season.  I hate to play favorites, but nothing beats a frozen Thin Mint.

Whatever your poison, Girl Scout cookies are big business.  In the organization’s century-long history, the cookies have played a major part in funding. And grown-ups can learn a thing or two from their business model.

Like what?
The biggest advantage the girl scouts have, in addition to their adorable little pint-sized sales reps, is that they have mastered the art of supply and demand. The cookies are good, but they’re not AMAZING. So why the annual frenzy? How have they built a $700 million cookie empire? A key ingredient to Girl Scout cookie mania is the scarcity effect: the fact that you can only buy…

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