Are Guns Necessary? Araminta Harriet Ross Would Say ‘Yes’ and So Should You

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Some 100 years after her death, Araminta Harriet Ross is finally getting her props.

You know Ross better as Harriet Tubman, that bold sister who escaped from slavery in Dorchester County, Md., and returned – 19 times, by some accounts – to lead other slaves north and to freedom.

I prefer calling Tubman Araminta Harriet Ross. When she was born to Ben and Rit Ross sometime in the early 1820s, they named her Araminta. She took on the first name of Harriet after she escaped bondage. Tubman was her married name.

The man she married, John Tubman, wasn’t worth the proverbial tinker’s dam. According to author Catherine Clinton, who wrote Ross’ biography called “Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom,” Araminta Harriet Ross, after escaping to freedom, risked a return to slavery, if not her life, by coming back to lead her husband north to freedom.

She found out that not…

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