Little Known Black History Fact: Judy Pace

What a courageous lady😀

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“You walk to the edge of a cliff and you just know you’re gonna fly” – Judy Pace

Judy Lenteen Pace is an African American actress who was the first villainess on television in 1964. Pace starred as the tough Vickie Fletcher, a high-powered lawyer on the hit show “Peyton Place.” “Peyton Place” is the only prime-time scripted series ever to run episodes continuously for years without reruns or hiatuses. The “Peyton Place” series was also the first time a black family was represented in a dramatic series on television.

Pace starred in the series opposite actor Glynn Turman.  The two had also been the first black teenagers on television.  The white audience was intimidated by Pace’s character at first, who was a black woman in a fur coat, so they simply changed her character’s coat to a different material.

Pace was born in 1942 in Los Angeles, CA. She…

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