Violent Thug Cops Demand Blind Worship

Cops are thugs.

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Sheriff Doug Rader of Missouri’s Stone County says that he is being “attacked” for a “patriotic gesture” – decorating his department’s patrol vehicles with the motto “In God We Trust.” By focusing on a largely symbolic controversy, both the sheriff’s defenders and detractors are ignoring a more tangible threat – the sheriff’s insistence, typical of his profession, that citizens render immediate, unconditional obedience to law enforcement officers as duly appointed ministers of violence on behalf of the divine State.

“Where’s our patriotism?” Sheriff Rader theatrically complained during a recent interview on Fox News. “Anytime anybody wants to be patriotic and make a symbol nowadays, they’re attacked…. We’ve come so far from 9/11, it just saddens me.”

Rader is correct in observing that many other law enforcement agencies inscribe that phrase – which is the official national motto – on their vehicles. As legal commentator and retired Judge Andrew Napolitano points out, this practice is in compliance with Supreme Court precedents, even though it does prompt objections from proponents of strict separation of church and state.

A more troublesome expression of the worldview governing Sheriff Rader’s department is found on its official website. Prominently displayed on the introductory page is an inventive paraphrase of the familiar (and widely misapplied) verse from chapter 13 of the New Testament’s Book of Romans, which deals with being subject to the “ruling powers”:

“For the `Policeman’ does not frighten people who are doing right; but those who doing [sic] evil will always fear him. So if you do not want to be afraid, keep the laws and you will get along well. The `Policeman’ is sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for he will have you punished. He is sent by God for that very purpose.”

Jessica White, her husband Jordan, and her father-in-law Donald can testify that it isn’t necessary to be “doing something wrong” to find oneself on the receiving end of state-consecrated violence inflicted by Stone County Sheriff’s deputies. Each of them is completing a three-year term of probation on charges arising from a May 5, 2012 incident in which they were beaten and arrested by deputies who had invaded their property without a warrant or probable cause.

via Police “Patriotically” Add “In God We Trust” to their Vehicles as they Demand You Worship Them | The Free Thought Project.

Poor Women, Big Families

Originally posted on Margaret Sanger Papers Project:

The Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference The International Aspects of Birth Control – Volume 1 – edited by Margaret Sanger, contains multiple articles from activists around the world about the struggle in their country for Birth Control rights.

While transcribing the 1925 book edited by Margaret Sanger titled The Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conferences: International Aspects of Birth Control I couldn’t help but be surprised by the amount of opposition faced by the original pioneers for Birth Control. Mrs. H. G. Hill, the president of the Alameda County Birth Control League in 1924, sums up the resistance when she wrote that, “There still exists in the minds of the masses a great deal of prejudice,  misunderstanding and indifference in regard to our work.” As all civil rights movements have shown us, sometimes the ignorance of the public proves to be the hardest obstacle to overcome. In response, Margaret Sanger was avid about publishing articles, pamphlets…

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Super Insights from Female Founders/Entrepreneurs

Women 2.0 posted this motivational piece toward girls/women interested in starting their own business.  Check out the link-back at the end, and read more of their blog posts.

These four clever founders are inspiring the next generation of girls to become entrepreneurs and showing girls of any age how to overcome barriers.

Opportunity #1: Network, Network, Then Network Some More

A Fortune Magazine article highlighted how women are much better at “doing” and not as good at taking the time to connect, make requests and work our network. This is a huge opportunity for females of any age.

Megan Grassel was 17 when she started Yellowberry Company. She wants to change the bra industry by making young, cute, realistic and age-appropriate bras for girls age 11 to 15.

She took her idea to Kickstarter, where she exceeded her fundraising goal by 70 percent, raising $41,795.

When she started out, Megan’s parents (who are also entrepreneurs) told her that she needed to reach out and ask for advice. They emboldened her by explaining that no one would say no to a 17-year-old girl.

Amazingly, this is one teen who listened to her parent’s advice. Megan sought mentors in the Jackson Hole business circles to advise her on tasks she didn’t yet know how to do.

She explained to me, “At first I tried to find people who I was comfortable calling, and asked them to meet me for coffee. Then when you start to see some success, people get excited, and it gets easier to approach them.”

She continued, “They might not have all the answers, but the support is awesome. It’s great to feel that you’re not out on an island. Different people helped me with things like prioritizing and timing and also with introductions to manufacturers.”

This young woman’s networking has already resulted in a partnership for her brand with the Aerie Brand/American Eagle Outfitters Company — pretty impressive for any teen!

Opportunity #2: Embrace New Ways to Raise Money

Women and girls are finding success crowdfunding. In fact, early data shows women are 13 percent more likely than men to meet their Kickstarter goals, even after controlling for project type, amount being raised and other factors. There are also grant programs cropping up that are looking for women-owned businesses to support.

Kelly McCollum and Marcie Colledge, creators of rigorous science kits for girls, used a one-two punch to fund their start-up Yellow Scope.

They turned to both Kickstarter and a grant program. Kelly explains: “Back in the spring of 2014, we applied for a grant with a program here in Portland called The Startup PDX Challenge. The organization was interested in working with women and minority-owned businesses. We are new to business, but as scientists we are very comfortable with the grant writing process.

We were one of five companies awarded a $50,000 grant. This put us in an incubator space with the other winning startups. It also gave us access to Bill Lynch, who is the entrepreneur in residence. The grant package also includes time with lawyers, public relations and human resource professionals, working space and some working capital.  It is very exciting to be a part of this Portland program.”

Marcie and Kelly are at it again. They submitted Yellow Scope into the Umpqua Bank Made to Grow Grant program, and they were selected by the community bank as one of ten finalists. The small business that gets the most votes will be awarded $10,000. If they win, they will use the funds to launch their second product, an affordable science kit for girls that would retail for $20.

Opportunity #3: Sustainable Organic Growth

I’m finding more information showing that passion-based businesses grow into profitable endeavors. The stats indicate that these types of businesses may take longer to build, but they have staying power.

Cassie Hughes is co-founder of Grow Marketing, an engagement marketing agency. Over the past 14 years, Cassie and her business partner Gabrey Means have built their agency to an impressive staff of 70 and recently purchased a 4-story building in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco.  When we spoke she shared three morsels of advice for girlpreneurs:

1. Organic growth is sustainable. Keep your head down and do good work. Say yes to the projects and clients that feel good. Say no when it seems right to say no.

2. Create a great culture and save, save, save. When the bottom fell out (during the recession), we didn’t need to let people go. Yes, some business went away but because of our culture we let the team choose how to navigate through it. The entire team took an equal pay cut to stretch the money out. Within a year, we were able to give record bonuses.

3. Life is long and work is hard. Find what you’re passionate about and be true to yourself.

Persistence, creativity and connections are the three ways these four inspiring founders are showing girls of any age the way to build a business. I’m following their example and advice. How about you?

» 4 Barrier-Busting Founders Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Women 2.0.

Italy to privatize postal service


Good news, but 100% would be far more appropriate.

Originally posted on Italian Insight:

Massimo Troisi in “The Postman”.

The Financial Times reported that the Italian Government is going to sell out 40 percent of the its mail service, currently managed by a company wholly owned by the Treasury. The Government expects to cash in about 4 billion euros.

The move could be related to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s recent commitment to greatly decreasing the fiscal burden on families and enterprises. In order to achieve that, the Government will need massive cuts of public expenditures, and even that will not be enough without some help from Brussels. The European Institutions will have to accept some flexibility in the application of their budget rules, or Mr Renzi will be forced to renege on his pledge.

As a first step, Mr Renzi promised to exempt the primary residence of a natural person from the real estate tax, a move which allowed Silvio Berlusconi to avoid an electoral defeat in 2013.

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On Enhancements…

Originally posted on curiousercontemplations:

Transhumanism is on the rise whether society agrees or not. Quite frankly, transhumanism has been around for a long time. Any alteration or advancement not of natural means is a display of humankind going above and beyond nature. However, if human beings create something then the act of creating was natural. The issues can be confusing, but the point is that change is happening.

Human beings hold the power to better their own lives. Humans do not need to pray to a supernatural force because humans can do it on their own, in reality. New people are created all the time – by other people, it’s called reproduction. Everyone in the animal kingdom is doing it, not a grand talent. Divine intervention need not apply.

Humans have wishes and technology attempts to fulfill them. Which enhancement would you allow for personally?

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How the Brain Creates the Experience of God


One (rather generous!) perspective on why people claim to experience a god. I personally think it has more to do with dishonesty, but I’m not in other people’s brains, though.

Originally posted on Victoria N℮ür☼N☮☂℮ṧ:

Peter: When I used to read the Bible I sort of assumed that God spoke to the people of old in a very clear way that could not be misunderstood. Why didn’t he speak to me so clearly? A lot of people claim to hear from God now. However when really pressed on the matter,

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Cops Attack Woman for Taking Tylenol


Cops are thugs.

Originally posted on Political Film Blog:


We are in an ongoing reign of terror by unaccountable police, across the land, who attack citizens routinely in a crime spree of historical note. Over the past few years I’ve seen hundreds of police assaults on citizens that should warrant prison terms. 

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Capitalism can be artistic

We get a lot of messages that working for a large profitable company stifles creativity and that corporate values don’t lead to art, and admittedly sometimes companies come up with pretty distasteful ads.  But capitalism can and does create art that can inspire the human spirit.  Here’s an example that caught my eye:

Artist Gerry Judah has created a sculptural centerpiece for the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed that is celebrating the Mazda Motor Corporation’s unique motorsport heritage with a powerful fusion of sculptural innovation and engineering precision.

Read and see more photos at

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